Community Support

 If you want support or got some questions, you have this options:

  • Contact me on Google+
  • Post an issue on GitHub
  • Do a post on stackoverflow with the tag android-graphview (and inform me)

I can also give commercial support. So if you have something more complex or a feature request, please contact me and we will discuss about that:

Commercial support

I offer support for GraphView or any other Android related programming support. Please feel free to hire me as a freelancer to support your project on a hourly base.

You can contact me directly via mail. Please use this address only if you want to have commercial support and give a clear request what you want. I will contact you as soon as possible.

commercial contact:


GraphView is currently published under Apache v2 license. Which means that you are allowed to use it in your closed source applications.
See the complete license here:

And more information about that license model at wikipedia:

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