GraphView-Demos App

This video shows some features of GraphView 4. It uses the GraphView-Demos app, that is available at Google Play. This app shows any features of GraphView with a link to the source code. I recommend to take a look at this!

Used in 4,000+ apps

(estimation based on download statistics)

Some great apps that use GraphView

Line Graph with many options

Here you see two line graph series. One has a red background and a filled circle on each data point.

Multiple Bar Charts

It's possible to render multiple series as bar graph.

Combine Line and Bar graphs

The concept of GraphView gives the possibility to mix up the different series types.

Bar Charts with many options

Here you see labels on top of the bars and a special color feature. 

Second scale axis in one viewport

You can have two different vertical scales in one viewport.


Realtime charts
and more ...

Some more random screenshots